Tiniest Dog, Tiniest Dog Sweater

Hello, Internet! This is my first contribution to Millennials @ Home and I’m very proud to be part of this collective! My first post will be on something that I’m sure we are all stressing about – how to dress exceptionally small dogs. I realize this is a constant worry among the “snake people” generation, so I am here to help you overcome this struggle.

This is an exceptionally small dog:

About four years ago, I taught myself how to crochet out of extreme boredom and a lack of constant internet access. A few months later, my sister, Penelope, requested my first bespoke dog sweater. Normally, with most dogs, you could just find a pattern and be done with it. Most dogs will fit into most sweaters. For that matter, most dogs will fit into sweaters that you can buy already.

Pro-tip: If you want to dress up your medium to large sized dog in a festive sweater, go to the thrift store!! Buy a child size holiday sweater and remove some of the arms. If you have a male dog, you may also need to remove some of the front. Sew up the edges (often, embroidery floss works well for this!). VoilĂ ! A dog sweater for a typical dog!

This dog, as you can see, is not your average dog. At 3.5-4 lbs, he’s basically a wonder of science. How can something so small and cute even be alive?

proof of a higher power?
So I set about making my own pattern.

Most of the work had to be done by Penelope, to be honest. She measured EVERYTHING. Here are some of the drawings we shared with measurements. You’ll see he was measured front to back, side to side, around the legs, down the legs, around the neck, and so on.

okay I’m not an artist…

From there, it was as easy as altering already existing patterns and, honestly, winging it. I mean, come on, he’s small. It took practically no time to crochet his sweaters, so it would take practically no time to fix them if I messed up horribly.

In the end, he received two sweaters. One basic turtle neck and one small-stitch sweater with a hood, space for the ears included! You’ll notice that they both have legs – his legs are basically the equivalent of the most lame chicken wings you’ve ever eaten. There is nothing on them and they need to be protected. The legs were just a matter of crocheting in the round until they were long enough and then either crocheting or buttoning them onto the sweater.

optional removable back leg button feature
Every dog is different. If your dog is big enough to fit into thrift store alterations, that’s great! But if you’ve got an impossibly small bean of a dog like this one, you can still make sure that they are warm all throughout the fall, winter, and spring! Here are some of his many ensembles throughout the seasons for inspiration!

Actual Size

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